Squidgies Pro Lobby

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Pro Lobby is your top choice for estuary species, add some S-Factor to make it even more irresistable.

With its weak, floppy legs and vulnerable, hermit-crab-out-of-its-shell body, the poor old Pro Lobby looks so sick and helpless that fish simply line up to eat it, perhaps to put it out of its obvious misery? Whatever the case, from the flathead flats of the far south to the barra gutters of the tropical north, this deceptively simple, action-packed double-tailed lure is carving itself a niche as a true fish-catching phenomenon and rapidly becoming a lot of folks' "go to" choice for all manner of fish species. Paddle the Squidgies Pro Lobby un-weighted across the surface, suspend it mid-water on a Resin Head or drop it to the bottom on a heavy jig head... it works in all those roles and more. But whatever you do, don't forget to add some S-Factor! Otherwise, it's just a pie without the sauce.

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