Pro Staff

Feel Free to Speak to Our Pro Staff, Learn Some of the Finest Fishing Tactics

Josh Caves, Scott Bradley, Laurie Martin, and Kevin Facey are all dedicated fisherman who love hitting the water and all target a range of species. We don't only focus on what the saltwater has to offer but often venture off chasing wild Bass, Murray Cod, Yellow Belly and Trout.

This ensures we have the 'knowledge' and 'know how' to help all local and visiting fisherman alike and we all provide top service to our customers.

Scotty Bradley

Scotty - Bermagui Bait & Tackle Owner

Scotty is the owner of Bermagui Bait & Tackle having opening the business in 2004. Since then, he has established a complete one stop shop for local and visiting fishers.

Having fished the south coast region for many years he also spent time fishing the rivers of inland NSW chasing Murray cod and yellowbelly. He has a deep love of the trout streams and impoundments of the Snowy Mountains. Scotty is generous with his advice. Simply, he is keen to ensure you get the right information for a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Josh Caves

Josh Caves - Bermagui Bait & Tackle Staff

Josh Caves moved to the area over 20 years ago and is passionate about all aspects of fishing. Josh's main strength is his versatility and adaptability. He loves estuary, rock and beach fishing and frequently fishes for trout and native freshwater fish inland. Josh is skilled in bait and lure fishing. His knowledge of fishing is extensive.